FREE Health Seminar – 9-11 December

FREE Health Seminar – 9-11 December

This weekend, starting Friday 9th through to Sunday 11th we will be hosting Dr Horst Muller – who is an ear, nose and throat specialist from Germany, with a focus on integrating aspects of natural medicine in his practice.

He will present a free seminar on: ‘The law of life: why do we get sick?’

Come along for all or some of the four sessions:
– Friday 9th December @ 7.30 pm – Is disease a mistake of the genes?
– Saturday 10th December @ 4.30 pm – What is the mind? The role of thoughts and emotions.
– Saturday 10th @ 7.30 pm – The process of decision making. A look in the subconscious.
– Sunday 11th December @ 7.30 pm – Where is the solution for the recovery and preserving of our health.

Dr Horst will also take our Church Service on Saturday 10th December at 11.00 am.

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