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Believing in God’s Word & His Love
At Papakura Seventh-day Adventist Church we believe that a relationship with Jesus makes a difference in our lives, and we know that Jesus will also make a difference in your life too. We invite you to come and join with us, to learn more about God’s love for you. We know that you will enjoy building a friendship and relationship with our community – and we pray that you will gain a blessing by learning more about God’s love for you.
Pr Willie

Pr Willie

Senior Pastor

Be Jesus' greatest sermon or outreach that your community has ever known.

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Ellen G. White

“Lord, help me to do my best. Teach me how to do better work. Give me energy and cheerfulness. Help me to bring into my service the loving ministry of the Saviour.”

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Also, if you would like us to add you to our Prayer List, just ask…we are happy to intercede and pray to God on your behalf. Prayer is as simple as talking, you can talk to God just like you talk to anyone – you can ask Him questions or thank Him for all of your blessings and spend time with Him too.


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Jesus final commission is an outreach that doesn’t really involve events or tools.

But rather, it requires PEOPLE.

People who are willing to follow Jesus so much, that they end up looking and living more like Him.

People like you and me.

With love & prayer

Pr Willie

Senior Pastor